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A Guide To In-Frame Kitchens

It’s easy to see why In-Frame kitchens have always been a popular choice. As well as being sleek & stylish, In-Frame kitchens are renowned for their quality and durability and bring real elegance to any kitchen. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase an In-Frame kitchen, or trying to decide between a number of different kitchen designs, we ‘re here to help. We’ve put together this short blog to provide you with everything you need to know about the ever-popular kitchen style…


Classic interiors shaker kitchen island

What is an In-Frame Kitchen?

In-Frame kitchens have been a popular kitchen choice for many years – in fact, they became a popular concept in the early 1900s, before people started opting for the more budget-friendly frameless kitchens after the Second World War.

As the name suggests, In-Frame kitchens are built around a frame, with each of the kitchen doors being placed within the frame so that they open within it, offering a truly seamless design. One of the most attractive features about In-Frame kitchens is the clear display of truly exceptional workmanship, as each frame and door must be exactly measured, sanded and fitted for smooth, accurate lines.

Another particularly attractive feature of In-Frame kitchens is that they offer a huge amount of design options, from paint colours to hinges, allowing them to be completely tailored to your exact tastes. Traditionally, the door hinges are exposed to offer a more rustic feel, however, many people are now opting for concealed hinges for a more contemporary kitchen aesthetic.

Due to the nature of the design, the cabinets and drawers tend to offer less space than alternative kitchen designs, making them particularly suited to those with larger kitchens, as additional cabinets and drawers can be incorporated into the design.


Classic Interiors kitchen island design traditional island painted in frame shaker grey

The Difference Between In-Frame and Lay-On Cabinets

When choosing a new kitchen, many people struggle to decide between the sleek In-Frame design and Lay-On kitchens.

The defining feature of the Lay-On kitchen design is that the cabinet doors and drawers sit in front of the cabinet with concealed hinges, unlike In-Frame doors which sit within the frame with the hinges exposed. Due to the nature of the Lay-On design, the drawers and cabinets provide more space as there is no additional space taken up by the frame, making Lay-On cabinets a more popular choice for those with a smaller kitchen.

Whilst the Lay-On design generally provides a more contemporary feel – particularly when flat, high-gloss doors are used – many people prefer the In-Frame design as it works well in any style of kitchen, from the more traditional to uber-modern.


Classic Interiors In Frame Shaker painted kitchen in dusk blue


Whatever type of kitchen style you’re looking for, our award-winning team are here to help. From contemporary to traditional, our experienced kitchen designers will work with your individual requirements to create a kitchen which surpasses your expectations in every way. So, if you’re ready to fall back in love with your kitchen, get in touch today.



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