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Your Ultimate Guide To Buying a German Kitchen

Since inventing the very first handleless kitchen back in the 1960s, German kitchens have rapidly grown in popularity. Their sleek good looks and seamless efficiency make them perfectly suited to the fast-paced and versatile heart of the modern home. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at exactly what makes German kitchens so appealing. Below you’ll find some excellent reasons for including one on your shortlist, alongside some fantastic design inspiration.

How Are German Kitchens Different From British Kitchens?

German-made kitchens differ from more traditional British kitchens in their looks and overall feel. Here in England, our styles have always been slightly more conservative, often featuring heavier worktops, painted finishes, and elegant shaker-style cabinetry, as pictured below.

Now, let’s contrast the Shaker style to that of a German kitchen. While not all the differences are visually apparent, you can immediately see a change. Featuring clean, flat handleless door fronts, this design is much sleeker and more restrained. The cabinetry is more angular and minimalistic. Slimmer profiles and less chunky worktops are used, and everything is designed efficiently, just as you would expect from our European friends. The Germans are credited with inventing the handleless kitchen. Thus, this elegant and practical solution has become their signature style. Don’t worry though. Handleless kitchens are still simple and easy to open. You can try them out for yourself and appreciate the finer details at one of our fantastic Midland showrooms.

What Sets German Kitchens Apart?

So, apart from a completely different take on design, what other reasons should you consider buying a German kitchen?

Built Using Industry Leading Manufacturing Technology

Whereas many bespoke English kitchens are made by hand, most German kitchens are built using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. However, this is no bad thing. The Germans are known for their unrivalled precision engineering. And as pioneers in the field of modern kitchen design, German manufacturers have been responsible for developing some of the most innovative and advanced technology in the industry. Over the last sixty years, German manufacturers, including our suppliers Nolte and Pronorm, have mastered their cutting-edge production systems, supplying some of the most flawless, durable, and long-lasting kitchens on the market.

Highly Regarded In Terms Of Quality

Built on an engineering pedigree that’s been alive since the industrial revolution, Germany still leads the way in manufacturing and engineering. From Mercedes to Siemens, German brands have a reputation for producing quality in abundance, and their kitchens are no different. Relying on the finest materials and components and utilising the most innovative production techniques, they refuse to compromise when it comes to quality.

Feature A Wealth Of Innovative Practical Solutions

Over the years, kitchens have undeniably evolved into the heart of the home. Thus, the need for efficiency, versatility and elegant aesthetics has never been greater. Thankfully, German manufacturers have thought of just about everything, from where to store pots and pans to how to keep guests happy with a luxury drinks cabinet. Everything comes together to offer effortless functionality, for example, soft close doors, high load capacity drawers, pull-out shelving systems, neat pocket doors, and clever corner cupboards. The list is endless. Innovation is one of the biggest plus points of buying a German kitchen.

Sleek & Minimal Looks

Favoured by many of the world’s top interior designers and architects, chic and pared-back kitchens are highly desirable. Their seamless and unobtrusive appearance can help establish a harmonious transition between the kitchen and living space, making them ideal for modern, open-plan homes. If you prefer the contemporary, minimalist look, a German kitchen makes a fantastic choice. They are defined by clean lines, sleek surfaces, and crisp edges. And with a wealth of breathtaking surface finishes and elegant details to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect design.

Are German Kitchens Expensive?

Like many products, there are several different brands of German kitchens, each catering to different budgets. Our suppliers Pronorm offer outstanding quality for a great value. In fact, that’s one of the many reasons we’ve chosen to partner with them. With any kitchen, British, German, or otherwise, the price will vary depending on the complexity of the design. A simple slab door will be less expensive than a more complicated handleless system. In turn, a handcrafted in-frame kitchen would be more expensive. Here at Classic Interiors, we offer solutions to suit a wide range of budgets. Our trusted, professional designers are here to help you find the best way to maximise your space for a price you can afford. If you would like to discuss your project with our friendly and knowledgeable team, please click here.

Design Inspiration – 5 German Kitchen Looks We Can’t Get Enough Of

Here are five popular German kitchen styles we absolutely love!

Dark & Dramatic

A moody and sophisticated German kitchen makes a showstopping backdrop to a glamorous drinks party. In the last few years, dark black and grey kitchens have overtaken white kitchens in popularity. Pair with a soft and luxurious matt finish and touches of rich walnut wood to complete the look.

Bold & Vibrant

Clean and streamlined cabinetry looks stunning finished in a gorgeous highly saturated hue. Bold forest greens and navy blues make a vibrant yet timeless choice, as do dusky olives, pinks and terracottas. Choose matt back or metallic accessories to add a stylish finishing touch.

Clean & Understated

A clean and fresh white kitchen is truly hard to beat in terms of timeless elegance and versatility. Incorporating a light oak or beech wood alongside a few charming houseplants and carefully curated ornaments is a lovely way to create a warm Scandi-inspired atmosphere. Alternatively, for something more glamorous, keep it simple with a deluxe worktop and a pop of gold.

Inspired By Nature

Informed by a growing concern for the environment, sustainable and nature-inspired designs are really taking off. We love Pronorm’s gorgeous wood veneer finishes. They make the perfect addition to a tranquil, nature-inspired interior. What’s more, Pronorm is fully committed to protecting the environment. You can learn more about our approach to sustainability by clicking here.

Homely & Inviting

German design can be incredibly adaptable. This kitchen makes our favorites list because of the warmth and homeliness it projects. Bright earthy-toned colours and natural wood combine to make a lovely, inviting space.

Why Buy A German Kitchen?

If you’re looking for a clean, contemporary design that offers exceptional performance and fantastic longevity, a German kitchen makes an excellent choice. If you’d like to enquire further about how we could help deliver your perfect German kitchen, why not schedule a meeting with one of our designers? You can find out more information by simply clicking below…

Get in touch for a no-obligation design and quotation, or pop into one of our Midlands showrooms.

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