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Handleless Kitchens

Handle or no handle, that is the question...

Handleless kitchens for effortless style

Our design team at Classic Interiors use the handleless feature extensively to create sleek, cutting-edge bespoke kitchen designs.

For seamless style, our handleless kitchen design solutions create a calm, modern aesthetic you can’t help but love.


Contemporary German Kitchens

Our German kitchen collection is made by Pronorm, one of the most innovative and trusted contemporary kitchen brands in Germany.

Why choose us?

At Classic Interiors we understand all about effortless style and elegant living. We know our customers want superb quality, honest pricing and outstanding service. We also know everything about cutting-edge kitchen design.

Our highly skilled and friendly design team are passionate about what they do and would love to help transform your kitchen into a sophisticated, contemporary space. Our handleless designs offer the smoothest kitchen solutions.

Need some more inspiration?

Visit our gallery for more inspiration and a curated selection of the latest kitchen designs and trends.

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Handleless kitchens designed with you in mind

Our Birmingham based kitchen designers are experts at bringing everything you desire from a modern kitchen into the heart of your home. We’ll marry practicality with exceptional modern design to bring you a kitchen that works effortlessly for you every single day.

We are partnered with some of the world’s leading appliance brands so expect the highest quality appliances to blend in with the seamless style. Our handleless kitchens are made to last a lifetime and are reassuringly individual in every design.

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