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Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and the lighting you choose for your new space will impact it’s look, feel and its functionality.

From ambient evening lighting to beaming white spotlights, it’s important to find the type of lighting that fits the purpose of your kitchen & your personal style and which adds depth and dimension to your space.

We’ve put together this short blog to give you some real ideas & inspiration for lighting your new kitchen..


How different lights will affect your space

The mood of your kitchen is dependent on not only the colour and materials used, but also the way it is lit. Combining different sources of light will provide you with a variety of options for cooking, as well as creating the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Don’t just rely on one only one light source in your design- there are a range of lighting choices from spotlights to traditional lamps that can transform your kitchen into an inviting, and functional space.


Pendant lights

Pendant lights are ideal for aligning with large work surfaces such as a kitchen island for a statement design feature that acts as a well-lit hub for socialising. A stylish way of incorporating a main light source in a room, pendant lighting will make an area practical for preparing food and cooking, while also helping to disperse light across the room.

Opt for industrial chrome finishes or delicate glass dome fixtures for an on-trend look that will compliment your kitchen design.



Classic Interiors kitchen island design woodgrain and grey contemporary

While lamps are commonly used in living rooms or bedrooms, they can also help to create ambient lighting throughout a kitchen, ideal for cosy evenings in. Balance out a modern gloss kitchen with traditional freestanding lamps for an inviting kitchen space that incorporates softer, natural textures.

Table lamps can also be added into shelving for a decorative touch that adds warm light to smaller spaces around your kitchen.


Under cabinet lights

Classic Interiors kitchen island design dark shades contemporary

Feature under cabinet lights in your kitchen for a dramatic design that exudes sophistication. Placing spotlights underneath cabinets helps to maintain a soothing appearance, attracting attention to a work surface in a subtle way.

Under cabinet lighting is also a natural way of leading your eye to a kitchen design, while also providing specific lighting to areas that will be used for preparing food.


Track lights

Classic Interiors kitchen island handleless contemporary design

Track lighting is a great alternative to statement pendant lights; it can act as a strong light source over a work surface however tends to be smaller individual bulbs that can be adjusted to specific directions. Ideal for on-trend industrial designs, track light fixtures work as an understated focal point as well as adding high quality lighting to your space.

Choosing the lighting in your kitchen is often an afterthought, but the right choice dramatically affects the overall mood and use of your space. At Classic Interiors we can advise you on a range of different lighting types, to find a combination that will enhance your kitchen design. You can view the dramatic difference the can make out our Birmingham Showroom.


To start planning your dream kitchen, simply contact your local Classic Interiors showroom today or book your free design appointment here

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