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Storage Solutions For Your New Space

Naturally, you’ll want your new kitchen to look spectacular, but, you’ll also want your newly transformed space to function seamlessly and meet the demands of your daily life. 

Innovative storage will enhance the functionality of your kitchen and, of course, will help to keep it looking clean and uncluttered. A balance of storage styles can also add real character and detail to your space, taking your kitchen design to the next level. For some inspiring ideas on how to introduce a selection of storage solutions into your kitchen’s new design, we’ve put together this short blog…


Pantry Cupboards

Reminiscent of an enticing bygone era, pantry cupboards have been given a new lease of life and are currently remarkably popular with our clients. A gorgeous pantry cupboard or larder can bring a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere to your space with its distinguished presence. They offer truly outstanding storage potential, providing a single, specialised location large enough to house all your cooking ingredients or even offer a wonderful spot to create a breakfast station or drinks bar. Integrated cabinet door shelving can help to keep your pantry organised and ensures tricky herbs and spices don’t get lost at the back of the cupboard. Likewise, pull-out drawers can be integrated into your pantry allowing easy access to the full depth of the unit.


Classic interiors shaker kitchen island with larder cupboard


Display Storage

It can often be easy to get carried away with making sure every cup and saucer is neatly tucked away out of sight, but, if you’re not careful, you might find your design consists of an overabundance of stifling overhead cabinetry. And, while maintaining a certain level of tidiness is essential to ensure the smooth working of your kitchen, it can leave it lacking in personality. Display storage is the perfect way to add character to your space whilst ingeniously keeping arrangements off your worksurfaces. Glass fronted cabinets work beautifully as part of a classic design while open shelves are wonderfully flexible and easy to introduce to both modern and traditional styles. Both make superb places to showcase your favourite ornaments, recipe books or cookware.

At Classic Interiors, we also design exceptional built-in display storage to bring a truly personal bespoke touch to your design. The hidden bookshelves and under cabinet ledges in this contemporary handleless kitchen (below) make stunning unique design features.



A Kitchen Island

These days, kitchen islands are a must-have feature. They are increasingly synonymous with exceptional luxury interiors and, with their remarkable range of benefits and striking looks, it’s easy to see why. A kitchen island offers fantastic additional storage whether you opt for traditional cupboards or easily accessible drawers. The island even makes a perfect location for including charming bespoke display storage such as a country-style chef’s table or integrated shelves. Benefitting from the extra worksurfaces offered by a kitchen island gives excellent potential for including more spacious full height cabinetry in your design and means you needn’t worry about compromising on workspace.

The generous island in this stylish dark green shaker kitchen showcases glass-fronted cupboards as well as beautiful custom-made shelving. The beechwood detailing that surrounds the shelves adds a luxurious finishing touch to the design.


Traditional Kitchen Island


Wine Coolers

When it comes to creating additional storage space a wine cooler might not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, not only does it add a stylish and exclusive feel to your interior, but it also provides you with extremely valuable extra fridge space. While gaining most storage simply relies on having intelligently planned cabinet layouts, finding more room in your refrigerator is not quite so simple. A wine cooler is a perfect addition to a kitchen for entertaining, giving you ample room in your fridge for catering supplies whilst your guests can help themselves to perfectly chilled drinks. A state-of-the-art wine cooler will always leave your visitors suitably impressed.


Handleless Modern Kitchen With Islands


Effective storage solutions are crucial to maximising the practicality of your kitchen design. From finding everything you need within easy reach to keeping your work surfaces clear, well-planned storage will create a seamlessly functional space that’s great for cooking, socialising and entertaining.

To find out more about how to use storage to create a space that’s both practical and visually spectacular, get in touch with the expert design team at your local Classic Interiors showroom now by clicking here.



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