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Choosing The Right Colour Scheme For Your Space

Choosing a colour scheme is one of the most integral decisions you’ll make when designing your new kitchen. The colours you use throughout your space will have a profound impact on the tone of your room and will play an influential role in enhancing and flattering the design of your kitchen.

You’ll definitely want to think about the longer-term when choosing a colour scheme to help ensure that you create a space which you love now but which you’ll still love many years down the line. Taking a more timeless approach when deciding on colours can be a sensible decision, however, exploring some current trends will offer real inspiration too.

To give you some colour-related ideas and inspiration, we’ve put together this short guide which looks at some of the fundamental things you’ll want to consider when planning your own space…

First and foremost, you’ll need to consider the practical characteristics of your room. Lighter colours will make a small or low-ceilinged kitchen feel more spacious whilst using similar tones across both the floor and walls will open up your space. Conversely, larger kitchens can look sparse in a pale colour palette so using stronger accents to balance the space can be a wise choice. Darker colours can look fantastic but require plenty of natural light. It’s important to take into account the layout of your kitchen and to position darker surfaces in well-lit areas, using different tones to emphasise particular features.


Clean & Contemporary

Opting for a purely white kitchen can create a striking and sophisticated look, however, it is a bold design statement. For a take on this, pair neutral or white cabinetry with a characterful colour tint to keep the space bright and airy whilst giving a more welcoming feel. This stunning clean and modern kitchen below uses a pale blue and grey colour palette giving an almost beachy coastal vibe.



Light colours work equally well in traditional spaces. A bright colour palette with plenty of natural light makes the room feel spacious. This shaker kitchen (below) in cool blue uses a lighter colour palette perfectly to create a truly enviable space whilst the on-trend brass handles and fittings provide a contemporary twist on a country-style kitchen.


Classic Interiors Shaker style light teal kitchen


Dark & Dramatic

Darker colours have been hugely popular in recent years. Navy was a particularly popular choice last year whilst darker greens have proven very popular with our customers in 2020. Dark tones can make a dramatic impact in a space for a bold and sophisticated feel. Using dark cabinetry in an otherwise bright and minimal space can produce a sleek and contemporary statement without feeling overpowering.


German kitchen with island


This dark navy shaker kitchen (below) creates an opulent and moody atmosphere. The dark green wall colour tones in with the navy cabinetry add real depth and character. Modern gold handles combined with leather & gold bar stools give a luxurious and contemporary aesthetic.



Natural & Calming

A muted colour palette establishes a relaxing and welcoming environment whilst looking airy and clean. Neutral beiges and creams appear timeless and elegant in this truly calming yet luxurious shaker kitchen.


Classic Interiors kitchen island design traditional island painted blue and grey shaker


Pale olive tones paired with light wood finishes in the design below produce a nature-inspired aesthetic that’s serene and tranquil. Stylish metro tiling and black metal bar stools bring this shaker design right up to date.



Pairing a dusky pink wall with muted green cabinetry in this space (above) creates a space which is brimming with natural light and which gives a soft and welcoming vibe.

These soft colour schemes are timeless and undeniably tasteful & calming. The clever accessorising is responsible for really developing the atmosphere of the rooms. Whether its traditional wooden furniture for a classic look, botanicals and industrial-style seating for a modern feel or copper handles and artwork for a more luxe finish, your choice of accessories & finishes can quite uniquely elevate your choice of colours.


Elegant Greys

Grey endures in popularity due to its sophisticated and clean feel. Looking superb and timeless in a traditional kitchen for a bright space that feels luxurious and classy, grey also suits modern designs for a sleek and ageless aesthetic. Create a stunning and refined monochromatic look without harsh blacks and whites or combine different shades of grey to add another dimension to a space for an elegant and paired-back style appropriate for both modern and classic kitchens alike.


Classic Interiors kitchen island design contemporary island


If your style is more understated and you’re worried about brighter colours overpowering a space, opt for an on-trend two-tone kitchen. Adding colour below the eyeline, for example, on a kitchen island, can add vibrancy and character without appearing too intense.


Shaker kitchen with blue, hand-painted island


If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read and would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Classic Interiors showroom. Our award-winning professionals are always happy to share their knowledge and expertise and to answer any questions you might have. If you’d like to speak with a member of our design team, or if you’d like to book a design appointment to start planning your kitchen project, you can contact us today by clicking here or by calling 0121 405 1240.



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