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Transformational Wall Features

At Classic Interiors, our award-winning team create luxury bespoke kitchens for our clients across the West Midlands. When we’re designing beautiful spaces, our experienced designers balance a number of considerations including cabinet style, flooring, layout, worktops, appliances, lighting and wall coverings. It’s common for our clients to prioritise cabinetry and associated products over the other features of the room, however, getting all of these aspects right is absolutely crucial when creating a space that’s uncompromising both aesthetically and practically.

In this article, we’re going to shine a light on the wonderful potential feature walls offer for enhancing your space. Below are a few inspiring ideas you can use in your own design.

All Over Colour

Whether you are replacing your existing kitchen or starting with a blank canvas, the overall colour of the space itself is often overlooked in favour of choosing an exciting shade of cabinetry. Equally, many of our clients find the prospect of painting an entire room in one colour rather daunting. However, as you can see from the beautiful kitchen below, opting for neutral cabinetry and complementing it with a delightful wall colour can create a fantastic effect. When it comes to choosing wall paint, the world is your oyster, There are hundreds of subtle and vibrant tones to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect hue to suit your taste and style.

Flamboyant Feature Wallpaper

Including a touch of classic wallpaper in your kitchen design is a great way to bring another dimension to your space, giving you the opportunity to introduce exciting colours and textures. A flamboyant and colourful pattern brings a luxurious and welcoming feel to the sleek handleless modern kitchen depicted below. A patterned wallpaper will bring a sense of movement and creativity to your design and challenges the boundary between the functional associations of a kitchen and its situation within the home. A wallpaper feature wall works fantastically in an open-plan interior to effortlessly establish a connection between dining or living areas and the practical kitchen zone.

Raw & Exposed Brickwork

Exposed brickwork or brick slips bring a truly contemporary, on-trend look to a modern kitchen. The striking texture creates an urban industrial feel ideal for introducing a metropolitan loft vibe to your interior. This feature can also be paired with a classic or shaker kitchen style to establish a rustic charm that contributes to a cosy and stylish atmosphere. An exposed brick feature wall brings real drama to a space and is a suberp way to elevate your kitchen design.

Natural Wood Panelling

The growing awareness of issues surrounding sustainability and the environment has certainly impacted design trends in recent years. Interior designs featuring natural materials have been hugely popular with our clients over the last year and introducing a wood panelling feature wall to your kitchen is a fantastic way to take onboard some trend-led inspiration. Adding a wood finish to your interior will bring a warm and tranquil tone to the space reminiscent of the Scandinavian design aesthetic. The beautiful grain makes for a luxurious textural detail and, with a variety of light and dark shades to choose from, you can tailor your design to create a rich and stylish or fresh and relaxing feel.


Opulent Natural Stone and Marble

Though they provide superb practical benefits, splashbacks shouldn’t be overlooked in terms of their potential to enhance the aesthetic of your design. They offer an excellent opportunity to develop the character and depth of your kitchen with wonderful textures, colours and finishes. Natural stone or marble splashbacks can create a dramatic sense of luxury and look spectacular in both modern and traditional interiors. This marble splashback beautifully brings out the blue-grey shade of the cabinetry creating an exquisite feature that transforms this classic shaker design.

Glimmering Gloss

Gloss splashbacks are a popular choice when looking to add a sleek and sophisticated edge to a modern kitchen. The reflective finish bounces light into the room creating a feeling of space and brightness. They are an ideal place to introduce an accent colour for a really personal design feature.

Vintage Oxidised Marble

An oxidised metallic splashback makes a subtle yet charasmatic design statement. The gorgeous and unusual texture accompanies a moody shaker kitchen perfectly and has a real impact on the tone of the room. Both sophisticated and industrial, a rustic metal finish creates an inspiring vintage look.

Vibrant Tiles

Tiles can be fitted as a splashback or as a full wall covering and the vast range of beautiful shapes, colours and finishes available make them incredibly versatile. The dark green tiles pictured in this forest-hued shaker kitchen compliment the green palette, however, to make a real statement, consider opting for a bold contrasting colour. With classic origins, ceramic tiles offer endless possibilities when it comes to enhancing both modern and traditional designs.

Whether you choose to include a subtle splashback or go all out with a wallpaper feature or beautiful paint colour, giving some thought to how you can utilise your walls as part of your design will add another dimension to your space. Don’t be afraid of introducing colour and texture to your kitchen as this attention to detail will take your unique interior to the next level.

If you would like to discuss an upcoming project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call our Birmingham showroom on 0121 405 1248 or simply click here to book a design appointment.

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