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Mixing Metals In Your Kitchen

Mixing Metals

Metal finishes within the kitchen are the norm, but this is no longer limited to your appliances and fixtures. Metals have been on trend for a while now – and with no surprises – as when cleverly used, they create a beautiful, personalised kitchen.



Many people can be intimidated by the idea of mixing metals. Do not fear though, as this concept will suit both contemporary and traditional designs alike. Individuality is key when mixing metals, allowing subtle hints of personal style seep into the heart of the home.

Luckily, this style allows much flexibility to explore and specify unique features. If you are struggling to see the wood for the trees however, there is a simple rule to follow.



Whether you have decided on a warm or cool main colour in your kitchen, choose the opposite for your dominant metal. For example, a cool deep blue teamed with a warm copper or brass will balance beautifully. If you then wish to mix more metals, use accents of a cool metallic but be careful not to use more than three different metals in one space.

It can be a difficult balance to achieve but the use of natural timbers is a great way to soften and neutralise a scheme.



A great way to create fluidity within your design scheme with extra metallic touches is with a feature lighting pendent or complimentary handles. On-trend kitchen tap colours for 2019 include Antique Brass, Copper and Smokey Mirror from Franke to really finish off your design with both flair and functionality.


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