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Innovative Induction

‘Cooking on Gas’ … well Induction

Induction hobs are gaining in popularity with their instant heating techniques, efficiency and sleek design. They have a powerful electromagnet and work best with pans made of a magnetic material with a high ferrous content such as iron.

Pushing this ingenuity further, Flex Induction by Neff offers ‘enlarged cooking spaces spanning the length of the hob.’ Which enables the cooking zone to ‘Flex’ dependent on which cooking appliances you wish to use. Various component features are available including a griddle, Tappan and multi-oval roaster. This is where the technology behind the cooktop comes into its own as it is divided into three heating zones, with boiling in front, simmering in the middle and warming in the rear. The hob also allows you to personalise your cooktop to get the most out of cooking!

Safety features include a child lock and ‘keep warm’ option, greatly reducing the risk of fire and accidents.  The specification of the Flex induction is the ultimate in efficiency and safety by delivering heat exactly where it is needed, and according to the manufacturer, ‘Flex Induction is a truly liberating way to prepare your favourite dishes.’



Controlling your appliance couldn’t be easier. Neff offer the TwistPadFire which boasts the functionality of the original TwistPad with the added bonus of linking the appliance with other sister appliances. ‘Simply point and twist towards your cooking zones to activate’. The TwistPadFire also controls the hob and hood settings in your integrated appliance. This control is magnetically attached to the appliance, so when you’ve finished cooking it can be easily detached for cleaning to reinstate a ‘sleek, stylish cooktop finish’.

‘The TwistPadFire is a removable, magnetic illuminated control knob that gives you precise, convenient control over all cooking zones. And to make things easier, only the selectable functions are illuminated.

Both the Flex Induction and Point and Twist pad are designed with ergonomics in mind and combined with their aesthetic appeal there is no question as to why they would not be a great addition to your new kitchen.



Even with induction efficiency and safety, sometimes the visual reference of a flame whilst cooking is preferable. Dependant on your style of cooking there may not be any other option than a naked flame. Luckily it is now possible to mix and match your hob with the Domino from Neff. Allowing you to create your own personalised hob with various components, meaning you can have your very own induction hob teamed with a gas companion and even a Tappan if you please!


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