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Venting Hob

Heating Up: Venting Hob Induction

Black Venting Hob

Venting Hob Induction is fast becoming the most popular cooktop heating method. With instant results teamed with the peace of mind of its efficient energy use, induction is an inspiring and innovative approach to a modern cooking environment.

Further developments have now brought the FlexZone, the Flexible induction cooktop, which enables it to detect any size pan removing the limitations of the original induction.

The innovation behind the Venting Hob is the combination of induction technology teamed with a built in extraction.

Neff have introduced their very own Venting Hob, with a unique cast iron, integrated extract doubling up as a handy pan stand. The Venting Hob offers a two in one appliance which lends itself to a discreet design scheme. Both ducted and recirculation options are available with a surprisingly streamlined installation. The installation components have been configured to allow maximum usable space under the appliance.

As the venting hob was designed to be used in an island, it is possible to specify a standard drawer pack underneath to ensure maximum storage is maintained. Ultimately the venting hob merges the possibility of discreet, clean lines with powerful extraction.

Other features include PowerMove which divides the FlexZone into three heating zones. With boiling to the front, simmering in the middle and warming to the rear. The Venting Hob also features the FryingSensor ‘with 5 selectable temperature settings monitors the set temperature and holds it steady. So there’s no more burning.’

The Venting Hob from Neff also features the TwistPadFire, which ‘is a removable, magnetic illuminated control knob that gives you precise, convenient control over all cooking zones. And to make things easier, only the selectable functions are illuminated.’ The TwistPad Fire is designed with ergonomics in mind and combined with its aesthetic appeal there is no question as to why it would not be a great addition to your new hob.


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