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Solihull Scouts

In 2019 the largest gathering of Scouts from all over the world takes place in North America. For three weeks our local scouts will represent Solihull in meetings and activities that will see over 30,000 scouts come together in the worlds largest camp site.

In preparation Solihull Scouts will be fundraising at a series of high profile events, local and county camps, bag packing, bob-a-job marathons and a wide range of smaller scale fund raising activities. A proportion of the funds raised will be used to sponsor a scout from a third world and developing countries, who otherwise would not be able to attend, to make the trip to join the gathering.

Over the next two years thousands of local people, businesses, organisations and Scouting parents will be involved in dozens of events. The Solihull Scout Flag Appeal offers the chance for local businesses to feature on flags and bunting that will be displayed at the events and eventually taken to the jamboree itself as part of the international swap scheme.

It was a pleasure for Classic to be involved and sponsor a run of flags to help contribute towards the event.

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