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Why We Still Love Shaker

The Shaker style kitchen was born a few hundred years ago, first invented by a religious group called the Shakers and it is a style that is still widely used today by kitchen designers all over the world. So, what makes the design so timeless and why do we all love it?



Firstly, where did it begin? The Shakers were officially named the United Society of Believers, originating in Manchester and they later moved to New York after breaking away from the Quakers in the late 1700s – in case you were wondering, the Shakers were so called as they loved to do a bit of moving ‘n’ shaking during their times of worship! After arriving in New York, they settled in communities where they crafted furniture to sell. They soon developed a reputation for their simple but impelling carpentry, and their modest yet steadfast  design philosophies eventually evolved into the Shaker kitchen style.


The Shaker kitchen style is possibly the most versatile of them all; its humble style means it is open to interpretation, and can look stunning whether modern or traditional, with an elegant neutral colour scheme like off whites and pale greys, or in something bold and beautiful like dark greys, navy blues and deep reds. Its simplicity and versatility gives you the space to create something individual and perfectly suited to you. It is a design that suits every house and how you accessorise your shaker kitchen will help to determine where it lies on the modern-to-traditional scale. You can dress it up or down, with sleek handles to rustic knobs, ogee beading or flat stiles, you can make it your own. The Shaker door has a pure, linear construction ideal for creating a contemporary, functional kitchen just waiting for your personal touch to be added.



Here at Classic Interiors we love the Shaker style in all its forms; be it in a natural oak,  raised and fielded, flat painted finish or in frame, with an endless variety of colour options available, we are sure we will satisfy your Shaker wishes.  If you would like us to work some magic on your kitchen, get in touch for a no obligation design and quotation or pop in to a showroom.

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