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The Tap That Does It All

Introducing: The New Quooker CUBE

We proudly present the newest innovation from Quooker: CUBE.

Equipped with a CUBE the Quooker tap provides filtered chilled and sparkling water alongside 100°C boiling, cold and hot water. All from one tap!

The CUBE is installed in the kitchen cabinet next to the Quooker tank and can be added to any compatible Quooker system. The tap that does it all offers all the familiar advantages of a Quooker. It delivers water at true 100°C, saves time, water, energy and space and now also means you no longer need to buy plastic bottled water. Great for the environment!

The childproof double push-and-turn handle, insulated spout and fine aerated spray ensure no risk of scalding or burning.You can now enjoy a glass of refreshingly filtered chilled water or make delicious lemonades and cocktails with that added sparkle! We’ve just had the CUBE installed at our Edgbaston and Solihull showrooms and we think it is a wonderful innovation.

The CUBE has been designed so it can be added to any Quooker system. By adding a CUBE any Quooker system will provide the additional convenience of filtered chilled and sparkling water.


woman washing food with flex tap

Easy to use and maintain

Push-wait-turn and the tap ring will light up blue for a flow of filtered chilled water. Push-turn and the tap ring will flash blue for a flow of filtered sparkling water.

The CUBE is installed in the kitchen cabinet next to the Quooker tank. The CUBE is attached to a CO2 cylinder that provides you with 60 litres of sparkling water from your Quooker tap. We supply one CO2 cylinder as standard. When the water jet slows down and there is less carbon dioxide in the water, it means that the CO2 cylinder needs to be replaced. These are easily ordered at Used cylinders are returned to Quooker free of charge for refilling.

The CUBE is equipped with an active carbon filter and a hollow fibre filter. Both filters together ensure a better water quality because they filter bacteria, chloride, chemicals and pesticides from the water. They have a lifespan of 12 months.



Why you should consider a boiling water tap

Boiling water taps are a kitchen must-have for 2019 and Quooker specialise in this simple yet revolutionary idea which they have been developing since 1970. They recently launched the much anticipated ‘Flex’; with its versatile pull-out hose teamed with their classic combination of boiling water, mixer and filtered water tap, this new model is certainly something to shout about.

With a Quooker tap in your home, you always have instant access to 100 Degree boiling water. No more filling a pan or a kettle with water and having to wait – just 100-degree boiling water from the tap within a second. It’s perfect if you want to make a cup of tea, cook pasta, blanch vegetables, rinse that greasy oven dish or even prepare a baby’s bottle.

If you need boiling water numerous times a day, the Quooker is much more efficient than using a kettle. Most people typically boil more water than necessary every time they make a cup of tea and with the Quooker you only use the amount of water you require each time. Quooker also state the Flex costs approximately 3 pence a day to have boiling water to hand which is extremely cost-effective. Not only that, a Quooker removes the necessity of having a kettle taking up valuable worktop space and has a compact, accessible tank that can be opened to create easy access for cleaning which means it will last longer.


Quooker flex tap


How They Work

The boiling water tap sits on the work surface behind the sink the same way a traditional tap would,  it is then connected to a tank which sits underneath the sink in the cupboard. The only extra thing you need is an electric point, there is usually a socket for the dishwasher which the Quooker tank can plug in to, bear in mind the Quooker Cube also requires a socket, so that’s one for the tank for boiling water and one for the Cube for chilled. A water supply is of course required, which is what you require for a standard tap.

With a Quooker boiling water tap, your water stays exceptionally fresh as the tank uses an active carbon filter. When looking for a system, it’s always best to look for tanks that have this purification filter; this will not only make the water taste better but prevent limescale build-up in the long run.

When it comes to safety, Quooker are conscious in their design and recommend that it is the safest choice for every household. With various safety features including a childproof handle, the entire spout is fully insulated and when boiling water is in use, a lamp will light up. As the water is dispensed at 100 degrees, a Quooker aerates the stream rather than expelling it as a solid jet. This is to prevent the risk of serious scalds or burns. And perhaps most importantly: a Quooker can’t fall over, unlike a kettle or a pan.





Your questions answered…

I have noticed Quooker delivers water at 100°C. Is this important?

Yes, this is of fundamental importance. Quooker is the world’s only true 100°C boiling water tap and as a consequence it is the only tap on the market that truly allows you to be rid of the energy-greedy kettle. (Remember if the water temperature is not 100°C at the point of delivery, you will not be able to replace your kettle.)

Does Quooker provide filtered cold water?

Yes, Quooker offer a cold water filter accessory. It is available with all Quooker taps. It has been designed to allow you to switch quickly from tap water to cold filtered water with a single push and turn. Once activated the tap ring will glow blue so you know it is activated. The water passes through an activated carbon filter which ensures the water tastes and smells better. The filter is easy to replace and must be changed at six monthly intervals. There is of course the new Quooker Cube too, which offers all these features as well as chilled filtered sparkling water too.

Is it safe to deliver water at 100°C?

Boiling water needs treating with respect, so it’s no surprise that the first thing that a lot of people ask us is whether it’s really safe to have a tap which dispenses 100°C boiling water in a kitchen. What is sometimes a surprise to them is the realisation that it’s actually much safer having a Quooker tap than a kettle in the kitchen. The Quooker tap is installed at the back of the worktop over the sink and cannot be pulled towards the front of the worktop. A kettle, once boiled, contains an average of between 1.1 and 1.7 litres of boiling water.
If this is tipped over a person, it can of course do serious harm. The Quooker tap dispenses boiling water in a steady flow in a spray format. The aerated delivery allows you to pass a hand through the flow without scalding yourself. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to keep your hand in the flow of boiling water, but you’d snatch your hand away as soon as you felt the heat. What makes a huge and critical difference is that by comparison you may get a few drops of boiling water on your skin or clothing – you won’t be soaked by over a litre of it.

Does the water boil all day in the tank?

The stainless steel tank has a revolutionary patented vacuum insulation and thermos technology which holds water under pressure so it does not boil; however, it has all the properties and benefits of fresh boiling water and is held under pressure at 110°C.

Will a Quooker save me money?

On average a kettle uses the same amount of energy to boil a litre of water as it takes to run a fridge for about seven hours and in the UK we boil our kettle on average four times a day! In contrast using a Quooker, is quick, efficient and instant meaning you use only what you need because the 100°C boiling water is there, ‘on tap’ which saves time, money, energy and water.

Is the water from a Quooker always fresh?

The stainless steel tank with revolutionary patented vacuum insulation and thermos technology holds water under pressure (so it does not boil) at 110°C. Therefore it ensures that every delivery is fresh, sterile and removes the risk of harmful bacteria such as legionella.

Does it not cost a lot of money to keep the water at 100°C day and night?

The unique patented vacuum and thermos technology ensures that only 10 W of energy consumption are required to maintain the water at temperature.

I have noticed there is a PRO3 and a PRO7. How do I decide which is most suitable?

80% of Quooker sales are of the PRO3 model. This has a capacity of 3 litres and will provide 3 litres on demand; 15 litres in the first hour of a day and then 12 litres thereafter. The PRO7 will provide 7 litres on demand; 35 litres in the first hour of a day and then
28 litres thereafter. For families of up to 4 people, who do not entertain more than 8 people at a time, a PRO3 will be adequate. For larger families with more significant entertaining demands, we suggest the PRO7. Remember, an average kettle only has a capacity of
1.8 litres.

I have noticed there is a COMBI. What is this?

The COMBI, unlike the PRO series of VAQs, dispenses exactly the required amount of 100°C boiling water, whilst also providing an instant supply of hot water at 40 – 60°C, all of which operates from a cold water feed only. This puts an end to firing up the boiler and wasting cold water whilst waiting for it to warm up. This saves time on the washing up, as well as a helping you to make a significant saving on domestic energy and water bills.

I have poor hot water pressure and a gravity fed system?

The COMBI tank would be the best choice as it works from the cold feed only and delivers variable 40 – 60°C warm water, 100°C boiling water and cold water all from your cold feed only.

Are there different Quooker tap designs?

Quooker taps are available in a variety of different designs, styles and finishes. The first choice you will need to make is whether you require a tap just to dispense 100°C boiling water and cold filtered water or whether you require the tap to dispense cold, filtered cold, hot and 100°C boiling water.  If you require 100°C boiling water and cold filtered water only, then you have the choice of the Nordic Square single taps, Nordic Round single tap or Classic Nordic Square single tap and Classic Round single tap . All these styles are complete with 360° rotation, double push and turn safety mechanism and the distinctive Quooker rise and fall feature. This allows you to fill taller vessels on the worktop so you don’t have to lift them out of the sink and onto the cooker when preparing meals.
With the Classic styles, you pick your own kitchen mixer tap. However, with the Nordic Square single taps and Nordic Round single taps you have an option to purchase a matching Quooker mixing tap. These sets are called Nordic Twintaps. If you require a tap that delivers cold, hot and 100°C boiling water then you would choose the Flex or Fusion. They both provide all the benefits of Quooker technology and have a double push-and- turn safety handle. The Flex is the world’s first 100°C boiling water tap, equipped with a flexible pull out hose. This makes it very easy to rinse and clean at any point in the sink. Thanks to the boiling water stop, the Flex will not dispense boiling water when the hose is pulled out, making it one of the safest appliances in your home.  And it’s just so amazingly convenient – switching from cold to boiling and back in an instant; ready to help you in countless kitchen tasks. The Flex tap is available in a round style and the Fusion tap is available in either Square or Round.  All Quooker taps are also available with the filtered cold water option. The cold water filter option is an additional accessory item and is not included as a standard item.

I have another sink; can I purchase an additional mixer?

We are able to supply the mixer tap only from the Nordic Twintap set as an additional purchase if you are already purchasing a Twintap set or Fusion. The additional mixer taps are available in polished chrome and brushed chrome finish.

I live in a hard water area and wonder if scale is a problem?

Without a doubt a build-up of limescale can adversely affect many of our favourite kitchen appliances. Dishwashers, washing machines and boiling water taps are perhaps the most obvious, but limescale is also a problem for steam ovens, irons, steam cleaners, sinks and taps; and even sanitary ware and shower screens. We have a strangely complacent view of our water quality as a nation. When you consider that we pay not inconsiderable sums for a clean drinking water supply, it is remarkable how little we demand from the water providers in terms of quality in return for our hard earned money. Quooker go to some lengths to tackle the limescale problem. For years they’ve provided de-scaling kits with a range of options. We can send you a kit that you can use yourself or ask our installer to complete a descale of your Quooker.  Quooker have now developed the Quooker Scale Control, which you can fit to take out the excess minerals before they reach your Quooker tap, making it very low maintenance indeed. It can be used equally well with an existing tap or a new one and removes the need for regular internal maintenance. All you will need to do is change the Scale Control cartridge at roughly 18 – 24 month intervals depending on usage and the hardness of your water supply.

The Quooker will not fit under the sink, what can I do?

Although the Quooker is small and compact and in 95% of installations it fits in the corner of your sink base unit, you can, if required, site the Quooker tank up to 1500 mm away from the delivery tap and extension hoses are available for this purpose.

Should I turn the Quooker off at all?

As the running costs are approximately 3 pence per day we recommend that you leave the system powered on at all times unless you intend leaving the property vacant for a month or more.

Your next steps…

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