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From CAD to completion

We love bringing a design to life with CGI. Technology has moved so fast that designers are now able to present photographic quality images of a design from the outset. 

It means you can make sure your designer is thinking the same way you are right at the start of the design stage, rather than reaching an uncomfortable moment half through the process when you realise they haven’t interpreted your ideas quite how you’d hoped.


Charnwood Grey CAD - Harker


Charnwood Grey 1


We pay attention to every detail – so you can picture yourself (literally) in the room, with the same view out of the window, the exact wall colour you’ve got your heart set on, and most importantly, the design you dreamed of.

When we first meet to discuss your project, you’ll find our designers are friendly, knowledgable and experienced, and they know exactly what questions to ask to establish how to get the most out of your space, what to include in the room and what won’t work. We work with you to fully understand your ideas and vision and translate them into the design.


Futura Kitchen CAD - Wheddon


Stephenson-dog and bike




The great thing about CAD (computer aided design) is that it’s easy to make tweaks and changes to the design, and then see the results on screen in real-time, so you can consider different design options and colour schemes, allowing you to ensure it’s exactly how you want it.

To see how your ideas can be brought to life by our design team, get in touch, call us on 01527 66740 or pop in to one of our showrooms.


sol showroom cad


Untitled-1_0015_Solihull 8


Untitled-1_0018_Solihull 5


To find out more about the projects above, have a look at our blog and our recent projects.

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