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Grey Contemporary Kitchens

Our grey contemporary styles merge elegant design for a timeless feel...

Shades of grey: the most elegant of neutrals

There is so much scope with grey in contemporary kitchen design. With so many different shades to choose, from soft light hues to dark moody charcoals, it’s no wonder that grey is a favourite with interior designers.

Softer on the eyes than white, pale grey contemporary kitchens are a great alternative to white in smaller spaces. Working equally well in large kitchen spaces, the colour grey stretches style and elegance to the maximum.

Different shades of grey keep the colour palette clean, but create different layers of interest. Fancy a pop of colour and grey provides the perfect backdrop. Subdued grey is a fabulous canvas for eye catching colours such as red, turquoise or bright yellow. Colourful art pieces sing against grey walls as do luscious green hanging plants.


Creative contemporary kitchen solutions

Classic Interiors grey contemporary kitchens merge timeless elegance with the ultimate in functionality. On trend in décor and furnishings throughout the home, grey subtly transforms interiors and looks equally fabulous in the contemporary kitchen space. It’s an understated, yet sophisticated colour choice our talented designers team beautifully in their contemporary kitchen designs.

Why choose a grey contemporary kitchen?

With its warmth and character, grey manages to carry off clean and minimal, but adds a charming twist. If you’re looking to create a modern rich space that isn’t cold or clinical, then a grey contemporary kitchen is a great choice. If you’re not bold enough to go black, grey’s darker shades are a great alternative to give your kitchen space a more dramatic look.


Why choose us?

At Classic Interiors we’ve been designing kitchens since 1987. We understand our customers want superb quality, honest pricing and outstanding service. Our highly skilled and friendly design team are passionate about what they do and would love to help transform your kitchen into the gleaming white contemporary space you deserve.

Cutting-edge design with you in mind

At Classic Interiors we never lose sight of the fact that everything we design is with you and your family in mind. If the white contemporary kitchen is right for you and your home, we’ll make sure it has your personality stamped all over it. We are experts at marrying style with functionality, so not only will your kitchen be transformed into a crisp white, sleek space, it will include all of the latest design concepts to making cooking and entertaining a breeze.


If you are looking for a kitchen partner who will listen, and work with you to bring you the visually stunning and functionally brilliant kitchen you’ve been dreaming about, speak to one of our expert designers on 01527 66740.

Our traditional cream kitchens are guaranteed to bring timeless elegance to life in your home.

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