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We design bedrooms to be more than a pretty space

Our designers can help you create a wonderful fitted bedroom that maximises space, rids your room of clutter, and delivers style in abundance. With clever storage and space-saving tricks, we can create racks, rails and shelves to accommodate even the most extensive shoe and handbag collections with ease.

From contrasting colour panels, to contemporary glass shelves, there are a vast array of choices to personalise your bedroom space. Open shelves can be enhanced with colour back panels, and dressing tables and cabinets can be clad in a contrasting finish to create a luxurious feel.

As well as the many aesthetic options, we can also provide practical additions such as matching stools and headboards in a wide range of textures and fabrics. And don’t be put off by slanting roof lines – we can create angled wardrobes and doors to maximise all available space.


Traditional Bedrooms

Traditional Style is about simple elegance, classic shapes, and unfussy details. Think fine woodwork, graceful lines, and finely crafted furniture. Take a tour by scrolling through some of our traditional style bedrooms.

Contemporary Bedrooms

Bring your vision to life with contemporary style. Our designers are committed to creating wonderful rooms that boast style, maximise space, and manage clutter.

The Classic Process


The Brief - Drop us a line and we’ll come and see you. Over a coffee (or tea) we’ll chat through your ideas and what you want to achieve. We’ll measure up or review your plans, then give you our initial impressions to make sure we’re thinking the same way you are.

The Design - Now the magic happens. Ok, it’s not actually magic – just experienced designers doing what they do best. We’ll keep you updated the whole way, to make sure you’re happy with everything from the budget to the colour of your cupboards.

The Build - Once you’ve reviewed our 3D presentation, seen the fit and finish in our showrooms, asked your questions and agreed the quotation, our brilliant fitters will transform the designs into a beautiful reality, with as little disruption as humanly possible.

Take the Next Step

An appointment at your local Classic Interiors' showroom provides the perfect opportunity to share and discuss your vision with one of our experienced designers.